Double the Fun {Soul Eater Lemon}

name: Kuroi
Classification: Meister
Weapon: Kira and Karoku
looks: short/long black hair that reaches your upper back. your hair as silver highlights and you have bangs in the front. You're eyes are brown and you normally wear something like this
(pretend that there are silver highlights and brown eyes)

{Story Start}
Most hated day ever. It was almost valentine's day and everyone was going out on a date. Kira asked out Liz, Karoku asked Patty out. Tsubaki went with Black Star (god knows why) and I haven't heard from Maka or Soul yet but I can tell that they're probably going out together. I just sat at the park, completely bored. But surprisingly, Death showed up a few minutes ago and sat next to me, reading a book, but occationally turning to look at me. "Um, something wrong?" I asked him. He just continued staring and this made me shift about uncomfortably. "You're left arm, it's not symetrical with you're right!" he exclaimed out of nowhere. But it didn't surprise me. *Of course he'd say that* I removed the little piece of cloth from my arm and tied it as a bow behind my head. "Better?""Almost...that chain on you're waist, it's only hanging on your left side""But it'd look weird if I put it in the middle" He gave me puppy dog eyes and I sighed. "Kid this is my good luck and most favorite chain/necklace, I wanna wear it good""But it's not symetrical..." Great now I made him emo. I sighed and I removed the chain and put it around his neck. "Well there's no way I can wear it symetrically so how about you wear it for today?""Huh? Are you sure? You can wear it on you're head or as a belt or-""No no, it's fine. Just return it tomorrow" I said as I got up and prepared to leave. but then he grabbed my wrist and made me stop. "Um, you wanna go out with me for valentine's day?""Huh? Isn't that in...what like 3 days?" He looked at me with an amused expression. He laughed gently. "Haha, nope, it's today. Did you lose track of time?""Guess I did" Then something ticked in my head. "wait was that the reason why you came here? To ask me out?" His cheeks turned a bit pink and he turned away from me. "...Maybe" I laughed and grabbed his arm. "Sure why not" I was actually glad he asked me. Every valentine's day I'd always get mad cause I never spent it with someone I want. Well actually I did until last year, that year I spent it alone without anyone. But before I spent it with Soul sometimes. But then I'd feel the urge to spend it with Kid. I have no idea why I just do. Then before that I spent it with Kid, then I felt the urge to spend it with Soul. Stupid conflicting emotions. I sighed unwillingly as I walked with Death to his house to relax a bit. "Something wrong Kuroi?""No no, it's just..." Aw man now I had no excuse. There was no way I could tell him about my conflicting emotions between him and Soul. "Well I like spending time with you, but I was just thinking that it'd be more fun with other people with us""Huh? You mean like a double date?" He asked, slightly happy and I had no idea why. "Well not exact-""I'll call Soul and Maka then!" He exclaimed as he ran off. "Wait Kid!!!" Too late he was already gone. I sighed and just sat down on his couch and relaxed.

{With Death and Soul}
Soul was already by my house since he was taking a walk, so I asked him to come up to my room without letting Kuroi see him. So he climbed into my room and we talked. I told him about the double date idea. I knew he liked Kuroi, and he knew I liked her. We decided to keep things even and spend holidays like valentine's day and what not different each year. Him then me then him then me. Then next year, me then him then me then him. This year, was good cause we were at the okay age and plus it seemed she wanted to spend it with more people. "A double date? I don't know about that. Maka doesn't act cool at all when Kuroi is around""Maybe because she likes you?""Yeah but she's such a shorty and is totally flat chested. She and Kuroi are the same age and Kuroi is a total babe""So, she's not coming?""I hope not. Anyway the three of us can just go can't we?""Sure I guess" I looked at his expression. "What's with that look on your face?""I got an idea" This, for some reason got me interested. "Do tell""well..."

{Back with you}
I rolled onto my side, but forgot I was on a couch and fell on the floor. "Ow..." I sat up and rubbed my face. "How long can it take for him to call Soul and Maka?" Right on cue Kid walked down happily. "We have a date!" He exclaimed. He said we were going to a resturaunt that was between classy and non classy, so wearing a dress would at least be okay. I couldn't really complain since he said he and Soul were going to pay. I went back home to pick one.


I picked out this one, splashed my hair with water so it stayed down a little and not too volumed. Time passed by quickly as Kid came to my door and we made our way to our destination. When we got there Soul was standing at the entrance. When he saw us he waved at us. "Hi Soul. Um where's Maka?" He had an annoyed look on his face when I mentioned her. "She got annoyed with me again cause of Blair and misunderstandings so she's not coming" I looked at him strangely. Even if it sounded normal, I thought she'd at least come to spend time with Soul. "So it's just us three then?""Pretty much" Kid answered as he guided us inside. Soul directed us towards our seats. It was a round table, not a booth thank god. I don't know why but something told me if we sat in a booth it'd be awkward. Anyway I ordered some fancy pasta. I managed to convince Kid not to get the club sandwhich because of the symetry thing know. Soul got chicken steak with mushroom sauce and pasta. And Kid just ended up ordering fried rice. When our food came I was surprised at the size of the pasta bowl. It was pretty big and the top layer was covered in cheese and there was 2 pieces of garlic bread on the side. Soul stared at my dish, hungry. Until his own food came. Then Kid's came soon too. "Itadakimasu" We all said before eating. I seriously could not finish my whole dish, and neither could Kid. Soul finished his pretty fast though. His pasta looked more dry than mine but I wanted to try. He was already eating his so it was kinda weird to ask but I did anyway. "Hey Soul can I try you're pasta? I'm kinda getting sick of the taste of mine""Huh?" He eyed my food. "Sure" He said, obviously even more hungry. He gave me the rest of his and I gave him equal amount of mine, though I wish I gave him more. I tried his an automatically liked his better. There was only a little bit left, but with so much of the same taste I don't think I can handle it. Kid apparently saw my expression. Because while he was in midbite of his rice, he took his spoon and put it back in his full bowl (It was in a big plate but he scooped it out) "Here, I'll take the rest of your pasta and you can have some of my rice, I'll just take the rest home for breakfast tomorrow""Thank you so much!" I exclaimed happily and he and Soul laughed. I loved the taste of the fried rice, thankful to have something else to wash down the taste of my pasta. It was good, but after you eat it for a while, (and there was a LOT) you get sick of it real fast. Kid offered Soul some of his rice too and by the time we were done, there was no food left over. "Well so much for breakfast""Hahaha, sorry dude" I giggled. The waiter came by and put the check down. "Hey are you guys sure you're going to pay? I can pay some too, to be fair""No no it's fine""Yeah we've got it" Kid reassured me. After they paid we started walking home. My house was the closest near by so we went there first.

"Thanks for the dinner guys it was great""No problem" Soul gave a nod with a strange expression on his face. I smiled and closed my eyes. "Well, I'll see you guys tomor-" I was cut off when I felt lips on mine. My eyes shot open to see Soul, who was now in front of me kissing me, his eyes closed and completely into the moment. Kid, who was now next to me was kissing and sucking on my neck. i let out a small moan. Soul's left arm went around my waist as his right hand went behind my head. He made the kiss more intense as he forced his tongue into my mouth. I moaned as I felt his hot wet tongue explore every section of my mouth. I sucked on his tongue and rubbed mine against his. I heard growling from my side though. "Hey enough my turn now!" Kid exclaimed unhappy as he pushed Soul off me and started kissing me now instead. I backed up against my front door, or rather tried to. Soul went behind me before I did, so I just backed up against him. His hands started straddling my waist as I felt Kid's hips move back and forth slowly against mine. I moaned as he did this, and moaned even louder when I felt Soul's hands slip up my dress and into my panties. That made me break away from the two of them. I stood in front of them angry, lustful, and confused. "Alright what is going on here?""You said you thought this night might be more fun if it wasn't just the two of us" Kid said simply. "Yeah, this is double the fun" Soul said in a low voice as he opened my door. Kid came over and picked me up bridal style and carried me inside. The room was dark since no light was on and neither of them bothered to turn it on. "Lets have some fun now" I was too dazed to tell which one of them said that. Kid set me down on the floor and slowly, teasingly started to pull my dress off. His arms reached behind me and pulled the zipper down slowly. Soul was near my lower half, carressing my inner thighs with his cold hand. I don't know when but he also apparentls pulled my shoes and socks off. When Kid finally got the dress off, both of them got full few of my small panties and bra. Both lacy and black. I blushed and tried to cover them up but Kid and Soul each pinned one of my arms down. "Don't even bother" Soul said as he leaned down and kissed me but was soon pushed off. "Hey you got enough lip action""Ugh fine" Soul worked on my bra and panties, leaving me and Kid to have a full on sexy make out session. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck as I wanted more of his lips. Soul growled and pulled my arms down so he could slip my bra off. When he was done my arms shot up and pulled Kid on top of me completely as I took off his clothes. He slipped my panties off and I felt a lump brush against my clit. Then he was pushed off me. "My turn now" Soul demanded as he claimed my breasts in his hands and rubbed and squeezed them roughly. I moaned louder than before as he twisted my nipples. "S-Soul~ Oh Soul~" He smirked. "Heh, if you like this just wait" He said as he dove down and started sucking my right breast as he continued to massage the other. He sucked and licked all around my nipple. "Ooohhhh Soul don't tease me""How about I give you something else to focus on?" I heard Kid say, but before I could turn to look he'd already started kissing me. I kissed back immediately while Soul switched breasts and started to do the same to the other. I growled myself this time and pushed both of them off. I looked at Kid, who's upper half was undressed but not the lower. And Soul, who was fully dressed. "Well this isn't fair now is it?""Huh?" They were both dumbfounded. I decided to give Kid more attention for now since Soul got more action so far. "First thing's first" I grabbed Soul's head gently and he looked at me confused. Then I hugged his head into my chest as I smothered him. He was surprised and struggled for a bit, before remembering what was going on and just relaxed.

After I felt he got enough, I let go of him to sit there dazed. I pushed Kid on the floor and got on top of him as I pulled his pants and boxers off. I took in his figure and licked my lips. "So sexy..." I murmured. Kid was shocked by the sudden change in character of mine. Before I was shy and confused and now I'm craving more. I bent down and kissed him roughly and deeply, mushing my lips against his as much as possible while I gave him a hand job. He moaned loud with pleasure. His arms wrapped around me wanting more, and as he did this I pulled away. He looked at me upset before I smirked at him. I stood on my knees and put a hand behind his head. Then I pushed his head into my chest and moved around as much as possible, trying to smother him even more than Soul. When I let go of him his hair was messed up and he was in a dazed mode just like Soul. And speaking of the devil. "Oh Soul~" I called out as I turned to face him. His back was turned to me, still dazed. I slipped his jacket off slowly as I pressed my chest against his back and rubbed up and down. He came back to his senses and moaned lightly. I got him to stand up slightly while I slipped his pants and boxers off. Then I moved back to his front and literally ripped his shirt off. I stood up completely in front of the two boys in front of me with major erections. Soul stared at me lustful. "Nice boobies you got..." I giggled. "If you like em so much then I'll give you a blow job first so you can squeeze em while I do" Hearing this Kid got upset. "Hey! What about me?" I giggled and made him stand up. I turned my back to him and bent over, rubbing my ass against his nice hard cock. He gasped slightly at my movements. "You get this first" I said as I reached for his hands and placed them on my butt. I sighed with bliss at his touch. "You can squeeze and slap me however you want Kid""You sure about that?" He asked me for complete reassurence. "Mmhmm~" He then grabbed my hips and shoved his full length in my asshole. I grunted with pain but kept back a scream. This was my first time after all. I got on all fours as he started to hump my backside. "Ohh Kid you're so big~" I said as I moaned, my mouth open. Soul took this advantage and shoved his cock in my mouth and moaned at the warmth. I smirked and licked the tip of his cock. Then I licked all around and he moaned with pleasure. "Mmmmm Kuroi~" My response to that was sucking on his cock as hard as I could and biting down slightly. He grunted with pleasure, trying to keep back a moan. But failed as he let out a nice long loud one. "Oooohhhhh Kuroooi~" He loved hearing his moans. Then I decided to focus on another thing. I kept sucking on Soul's dick but now I wanted to focus on the feeling of Kid's dick pumping in and out of my asshole. He was squeezing my ass with one hand as he slapped my ass with the other. Then he bent over, showing little signs of being tired as he kissed my back and occasionally moved up to suck on my neck. I could've sworn he left a mark by now. Then I felt hands slip down towards my chest as Soul groped my breasts as hard as he wanted. I moaned and gagged on his cock by accident. I looked up and saw him smirk at my gagging. Kid groaned behind me.

"Come on Kuroi~ Don't I get a turn?" I smirked and took Soul's cock out of my mouth. This time Soul groaned. "Hey! I was gonna cum you know" I giggled. "Then cum in my ass cause it's Kid's turn now" I said as I stared at Kid intensely. He smirked. "Naughty naughty Kuroi""But you looove me" I said as I turned around. Soul rammed into my asshole without hesitation and started pumping, and within a few seconds he cummed in me and I moaned loud. "Oh Soul!!" He sighed with pleasure. "That's it Kuroi~ Feel me fucking you~" I continued moaning before I remembered that I wanted to give a nice blow job to Kid. I cupped his dick and squeezed it and he grunted with pleasure. I stroked him up and down as I grazed my nails lightly over him. Then I started licking up and down. Finally, I shoved him inside my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. Kid let out long sweet moans while Soul grunted in pleasure. I felt Kid tense up so I guessed he was trying to refrain from cumming but I wouldn't let him. I bit down and that made him cum in my mouth. I licked up the hot sticky substance and once I was done with that, I stood up and Soul pulled out of me. I licked my lips. I looke from Soul to Kid and back and forth and frowned. "Aww man""What?" They both asked at the same time. I sighed. "I want both of you soo bad but I don't think I can have both of you at the same time" They looked at each other and smirked. "What?""Well we know a way" Soul said slyly. I tilted my head to the side and looked at them. Kid walked over and put his hands on my waist and lifted me up slightly, making me wrap my legs around him. Then he shoved his cock in my pussy and I let out a small short scream of pain. He kept one hand wrapped aorund my waist and put the other behind his head. "Sorry I didn't mean to hurt you" He breathed out as he pushed his lips against mine and kissed me. I kissed back, focusing on that rather than the pain. He was just so god damned big. Slowly he started pumping in and out of me. I parted my lips from his for a moment to moan. "Oohhh~ Kid~" His hand that was behind my head went to grope one of my breasts and I moaned in more pleasure. "Oh more~""Okay" Soul replied as he came up from behind me and shoved himself into my asshole again. I moaned again, louder as I arched my back against him. The both of them pumped in and out of me over and over again at the same time. Soul's hands reached from behind and groped both my breasts while Kid was touching every part of my body he could while he kissed me passionately. He sucked on my tongue while all three of us moaned in ectasy. My arms wrapped around Kid's body to hug him closer to while Soul did the same to me. I parted my lips from Kid's slightly to moan out their names. "Oohhhh Soul~""Mmmm""Kid~""Oh Kuroi you feel so good~" He moaned back at me. Both of them leaned in to whisper naughty words into my ears, making me chuckle and moan with amusment. "You're so tight, I love it" Soul whispered in my ear. I shivered with exitment as Kid started going in and out faster. "Oh Kid~ Harder! Faster! Please!~" I begged and he complied. Soul just figured that the order was for him to as he started going even harder than Kid was going. I felt an expected knott form in my stomach as the two of them went harder and faster. It seemed like they knew the other was trying to out do the other, this both amused me and pleased me greatly. And then sooner than expected, I cummed. And right after I did the two boys cummed a second time inside me as well. "Oh Kid!! Soul!!""Kuroi!!" They both moaned out. We all fell on the floor and on our sides. They both pulled out of me and I carressed their cheeks gently. "You know...""huh?""What is it?""I think it's safe to say that I love you both" They smiled at me. "I love you too" They both replied. I chuckled. "This was definately double the fun now huh?""Totally" They both replied